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Sotto Voce by Nilo Cruz

A Cuban man sets out to recover memories of the 1939 voyage of the St Louis.  The ship left Nazi Germany for Cuba with German-Jewish refugees, only to be turned back.  In this imagined dream-play, the young man’s search for answers leads him to a German-born novelist living in New York who shares a connection to the ship. Together they fantasize a metaphysical love affair, weaving an inter-generational tale of romance and loss.  Nilo Cruz is a Cuban-American writer and producer and was the first Hispanic to take the Pulitzer prize for drama (2003), for his play Anna in the Tropics.

IBM’s thinking computer Watson is the talk of the town! I am the Brazilian Portuguese voice for the software, which has recently launched in Brazil. Click here to meet Isabela!

The feature AMOR & BREGA is ready to premiere soon in Brazil. The film is a super fun documentary/fiction written and directed by Ronaldo Duque!!

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